-ate1 [āt; ] for 2 & 3 [ it, āt]
1. forming verbs
a) to become [evaporate, maturate]
b) to cause to become [invalidate, rejuvenate]
c) to form or produce [ulcerate]
d) to provide or treat with [vaccinate]
e) to put in the form of, or form by means of [delineate, triangulate]
f) to arrange for [orchestrate]
g) to combine, infuse, or treat with [oxygenate]
2. forming adjectives
a) of or characteristic of [collegiate, roseate]
b) having or filled with [foliolate, passionate]
c) Biol. having or characterized by [caudate]
3. forming adjectives roughly equivalent to corresponding past participles ending in -ED [animate (animated), determinate (determined)]
-ate2 [āt, it]
suffix forming nouns
1. an office, function, agent, official, or group of officials [episcopate, potentate, directorate]
2. the land, territory, or dominion of (a person or office) [priorate, sultanate]
3. a person or thing that is the object of (an action) [legate, mandate]
4. Chem.
a) salt made from any of certain acids with names ending in -IC: its metal or nonmetal is in its highest oxidation state [ammonium nitrate]
b) a result of some process [distillate]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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